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Patent Services Links

Document Retrieval

AlphaPatent Associates Ltd. - Service for ordering US/EP/PCT/etc. patent documents for email delivery:

Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) - A leading voice of the independent information industry:

DigiPat - provides patent copies, US and foreign file histories, and special PTO documents on request.:

Free Patent Fetcher - Free U.S. patents and applications in PDF form for low volume use: - IP Research and Communities:

Gongwell Services Incorporated - Provides translation and patent search in Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean):

Harbor Consulting IP Services, Inc. - Preparation of U.S. and foreign Sequence Listing requirements under 37 C.F.R. §§1.821-825 and WIPO Standard ST.25.:

PatBase - One of the most relied-upon online patent databases available. A 'one stop shop': search, save, share, analyse and export patent data:

Patent Imaging Corporation - Patent, Trademark and Copyright Services:

Patentec - Specializing in advanced technologies, for patent documents:

Patent Fetcher - US and Foreign patent publications in PDF for 65 cents each: - Retrieves complete patent documents from over 50 countries and delivers them in a single PDF file:

PATENTSEQ LLC - Preparation of US and foreign Sequence Listings under WIPO ST.25:

Patents from RU - Russian patent and Russian trademark services:

Paterra, Inc. - Machine translation of Japanese patent documents:

ReedTech- Patent and trademark document search:

The Research Investment, Inc. - Document delivery services:

Special Libraries Association (SLA) - Connecting people and information:


Patent and Technology Sale and Licensing

Diamond Intellectual Property Investigations - Business Investigations for Attorneys, Companies, and Entrepreneurs involved in, or contemplating IP Litigation, Licensing, or New Product Development:


Online Patent and General Information Search and Related Analysis

IFI Claims Patent Services- Provides global patent information through CLAIMS Direct web services:

Martin Goffman Associates - Patent, due diligence, and competitive intelligence search and analysis:

PATEX - Full-service research firm providing PATSCAN patent search services:

RWS Group - Provider of high-quality translation, intellectual property and language support services:

STN - Premier single source for the world's disclosed scientific and technical research:

Wisdomain - Providing patent search and patent analysis solutions:


Patent Translators

American Translators Association - Voice of Interpreters and Translators:

Capita Translation and Interpreting - Translation services for the legal sector:

Argos Translations - Provides language translation services:

China Intellectual Property Right Net - Chinese-to-English translation tool by the Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH):

Russian Translation USA - World experts in English/Russian translation:


Patent Drafting

Compudraft - Patent and trademark drafting services:

Patents Ink - Drawing Services for Law Firms & Corporations:


Patent Related Software

BizInt Smart Charts for Patents - Software to create, customize and distribute competitive intelligence reports and visualizations:

ChemFormatter - Applies font styles in a chemical document:

Feathers - Semiautomated downloading of TARR info:

GetIPDL - Patent Downloader from IP Digital Libraries including foreign patents:

Intellectual Property Document Assembly Software - Document and Automation Assembly Software:

ipMAGNET - World-wide Patent Search and Download software utility:

PatentHunter - Patent Downloading, Searching and Management Software:

Patent Retriever - Free download of US, European and PCT patent applications as PDF files:

PatentTerm Online - Web-based calculator designed to assist patent professionals with determining patent term adjustment under the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 (AIPA):

Quantify IP - Estimate foreign patent costs:


International Patent Annuity Payment and Filing Services

CPA - Leading intellectual Property management and Intellectual Property software specialist:

CPI - Providing Patent and Trademark Intellectual Property Management Systems and Patent Annuity Payment Services:

Inovia - Foreign patent filing platform:


IP Docketing Software

CPI - Providing Patent and Trademark Intellectual Property Management Systems and Patent Annuity Payment Services:

FlexTrac - Provider of tailored Intellectual Property management software technology solutions:


IP Property Insurance

Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation - Industry Leader in Intellectual Property Insurance:


IP Attorney Liability Insurance

ALPS - Legal Malpractice Insurance:

The Firemark - Intellectual Property Lawyers Professional Liability:


IP Education and Outreach

National Inventor's Hall of Fame - Honoring visionaries, inspiring inventions and challenging the next generation.:

Watermark Design, LLC - 3D Product & Machine Design, Development & Documentation:


Commercial IP and general database services

Minesoft Patent Tracker - Internet-based automatic patent monitoring service, which tracks changes to a variety of Patent Registers in Europe and North America:

PatentInformatics - Patent Attorney Directory and Patent Information:

ProQuest - innovative information content and technologies:

STN - Access to the world's scientific information on one integrated platform, including the authoritative chemistry content from CAS and patent content from Thomson Reuters' Derwent World Patents Index®:

Science IP - the official research service of CAS:


Court Services

Counsel Press - Appellate services company:


Patent Awards - Patent Plaques and Patent Awards:


PIUG - Patent Information Users Group, Inc.

PIUG - International Society for Patent Information:

PIUG wiki - Collaborative Web site comprises the perpetual collective work of many authors. :

PIUG Discussion Forum - Forum for matters of general interest to the patent information users community:


Litigation Services

National Court Reporters Association(NCRA) database: