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About Neifeld IP Law

I provide patent and business legal services to a wide variety of clients, and my approach varies acordingly.
For US litigators, I provide detailed factual and legal analysis for a host of issues that arise in sophisticated IP issues, including validity, infringement, venue, and jurisdiction.
For legally unsophisticated individuals and companies, I provide basic counseling and patent and trademark prosecution. This practice involves filing and prosecuting-to-issuance of patent and trademark applications in the United States, and coordinating the acquisition of corresponding IP rights to patents and trademarks in other countries.
For sophisticated corporate clients, in addition to advice and counseling, I provide periodic patent update searches for their corporate technologists so they have the benefit of the latest published patent data relevant to their research and product lines. Some of these searches employ specialty software I coded to make that process more efficent.
In all cases, my goal is to provide cost effective exceptional legal service generally directed to your business needs in the legal areas of intellectual property.

In 2020, I converted Neifeld IP Law from a small group corporation to a solo practice professional limited liability company. This solo practice legal form affords me greater flexibility.
Consequently, I can more efficiently and promptly respond to your real world business issues and concerns.
Finally, you should also be aware of my other professional activities. I offer continuing legal education on patent law to other patent attorneys, and I participate in a number of professional IP organizations. Moreover, I am also the author of the digital reference work on patent law, titled "LawRegardingPatents."