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The USPTO provides free searching of the Full Text of US patents and published applications:

The World Intellectual Property Organization's Intellectual Property Digital Library Database:

The European Patent Office, the executive body of the European Patent Organization, also provides free patent document searching:

JAPIO - Patent Abstracts of Japan:

The Food and Drug Administration Electronic Orange Book lists Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations:

The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE®:

National Patent Web Sites and Additional Searchable Databases by Country/Organization
(sites are in English unless noted)

Argentina (in Spanish):


Austria (in German):

Belgium (esp@cenet, in Dutch, French, German, English):

Brazil (in Portuguese):

Bulgaria (esp@cenet, in Bulgarian):


Chile (in Spanish):

Denmark (in Danish, English):

Denmark (esp@cenet, in Danish):

Estonia (in Estonian, English):

Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) (esp@cenet, in Russian):

Finland (esp@cenet, in Finnish):

France (esp@cenet, in French):

Finland (esp@cenet, in Finnish):

Germany (in German):

Germany (in German, English):

Patent Office of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC, in Arabic):

Hellenic Republic (in Greek):

Hong Kong (in Chinese, English):


Hungary (esp@cenet, in Hungarian):

Iceland (esp@cenet, in Icelandic):


Ireland (esp@cenet):

Israel (in Hebrew, English):



Latin American countries (esp@cenet, in Spanish, Portuguese):

Latvia (in English):


Lithuania (esp@cenet, in Lithuanian):

Luxembourg (esp@cenet, in French):

Mexico (in Spanish):


New Zealand:

Netherlands (esp@cenet, in Dutch):


Poland (esp@cenet, in Polish):

Portugal (esp@cenet, in Portuguese):

Romania (in Rumanian):

Romania (esp@cenet, in Rumanian):

Rospatent (esp@cenet, in Russian):


Slovakia (esp@cenet, in Slovakian):

Slovenia (esp@cenet, in Slovenian):

Spain (in Spanish):

Spain (esp@cenet, in Spanish):

Sweden (esp@cenet, in Swedish):

Interpat Sweden, a part of the Swedish Patent and Registration Service (in Swedish):

Switzerland (in English, French, German, Italian):

Switzerland (esp@cenet, in French, German, Italian, English):



Turkey (esp@cenet, in Turkish):

United Kingdom:

United Kingdom (esp@cenet):

Former Soviet Union States

Eurorasian Patent Organization (English and non English):

Belarus (Not English):

Estonia (English and non English):

Georgia (English and non English):

Kazakhstan (English and non English):

Lithuania (English and non English):

Trilateral Co-operation Database:

Patent Portals

A project of a New Zealand IP firm:

A patent portal of a New Zealand IP firm:

A patent portal project of Singapore:

A United States patent portal:

Defensive Publications Databases

Designs Databases

WIPO's International Industrial Designs:

UK Designs:

USPTO information