In Which Countries has a Granted EP Patent been Validated?, by Richard Neifeld, Ph.D., Patent Attorney In Which Countries has a Granted EP Patent been Validated?, by Richard Neifeld, Ph.D., Patent Attorney

          If you have had trouble answering this question, you are not alone. The most comprehensive database for patent legal status information (at least the most comprehensive one I know of) is INPADOC. The last time is was in Munich, I inquired at the EPO library regarding whether their information indicated in which countries a granted EP patent has been validated. Instead of paraphrasing, here is the email I eventually received from a representative of INPADOC SERVICES on behalf of the EPO.

Dear Mr Neifeld,

Our apologies for the delays in replying: unfortunately the matter is not that straightforward. In general the content of the INPADOC legal status database (and consequently also the information about translations filed with member states of the EPC) is taken from the patents gazettes of the different countries or their online correspondent. This means practically that not all countries will follow the same pattern in informing about the filing of translations of EP patents nationally. In some cases it is not possible to get the information at all.

Please find in the attached file some indications on how to find out this information: (See attached file: entry-ep-phase.pdf)

In these files you can find examples relating to the described PRS-codes: (See attached file: ep1000000.pdf)(See attached file: ep900000.pdf)(See attached file: ep560777.pdf)

As mentioned, this information cannot be considered exhaustive, as the matter is complex. One PRS-code only cannot be looked at out of context. Often decisions communicated in patent gazettes are changed by subsequent actions, so that only looking at the complete set of entries makes sense (typically a re-instatement can follow a lapse communication). Additionally, as we rely on the national offices to provide us the information contained in INPADOC, we cannot guarantee that this information is complete and reliable.

Best regards,

Davide Lingua


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Annette Hollreiser/EPO

17-02-2004 09:25

Subject inpadoc

Dear Eva,

we had a customer in yesterday and he had a specific question : Is there a patent code (or codes) indicating validation in each EPC country?

Validation meaning filing of the translation into the host country language within 3 months of EP grant date.

I showed him the various inpadoc kind codes on the home page but the "T" did not appear for each member state. Could you please copy me on your answer to him . Thanks His e-mail is:

kind regards

Electronic Library / Patent Information EPO Munich